Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A first for me.

Hi y'all. This is my first blog. Ever. And I never thought I'd actually have a blog. It's just not somethin' that I would do. But it's somethin' that I started thinkin' about. So, now that I'm here I've been starin' at this blank page just wonderin' what to say. What got me to consider bloggin' is the 365 challenge, where I would post a picture each day of the year, but I haven't gotten around to it until now, and it's January 19. Better late than never. So, here is my first photo of 2009, taken at Lake Miramar of CJ and Katie. He's actually not trying to throw her in!


  1. Hurray, Lisa!! (I'm glad you started this blog and I'm really looking forward to watching your photography and hearin' your story!)

    And Hey! I get to be the very first commentor on your new blog -- wawhooo!

  2. So glad you jumped into to blogland to share your always AWESOME photos!!! :)