Friday, June 12, 2009

Promotion Party

After the 5th Grade Promotion ceremony many of us went to Dave & Busters for lunch and play time. Our school filled up the main dining room. Here is CJ with a few of his friends.
After we ate, it was off to the races.

OK, maybe not races, but games. There were lots of them.

The object of these games is to collect as many tickets as you can, then redeem them for prizes. CJ had over 2000 tickets.

You could also try your hand at the Giant Claw. I thought no one ever won with those things. Except for someone I knew in college who was very good at it.

I saw lots of winners walking around with prizes from the Giant Claw.

Even CJ! He got his on the second try.

Once again, I'm so proud of him!

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  1. What a great place to celebrate a wonderful achievement! Glad CJ won something from the claw! And a great prize too!~ Hurray for CJ the middle schooler!