Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Planes, planes and more planes...

These boys can spend hours looking at them. This was a really rare one. I was told to go get a picture of it. I got several, but this was my favorite.

And there is a small one in front of a big one.

This one had a bunch of propellers.

This is a really big one, and it's from Ft. Worth!

This one has a big nose.
I'm sure the guys know what each and every one are, but not me. I just tag along to take pictures.

And there are a bunch of planes to take pictures of here!


  1. I think my boys could spend some long hours there! Great shots!

  2. My boys would love this place too! A plane is a plane to me so I wouldn't have a clue about them either:)

  3. I know I'd spend hours, and hours walking around. But Snowwhite would not have any fun here..............Thanks for the great shots.