Sunday, January 10, 2010

Farm Dogs

Farms have to have a couple of dogs.

When she was a puppy, Moe showed up with her sisters, Larry and Curly, and her mom Molly. They were dumped in the country and left to fend for themselves. Bad people!! Luckily for them they found their way to my parent's farm where they had it easy. Her sisters and Mom have all gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but she has Shadow to keep her company.

Shadow was another "free" dog who just showed up.

He was full of heartworms though. But after a few trips to the vet he's fine.

And we are lucky he adopted us! What a fun boy he is!


  1. I love that first shot - wow what gorgeous eyes he has! Can't imagine life without a dog!

  2. nice shots. like pam said can't imagine life without a dog around the house

  3. I firmly believe rescue dogs are the best. Love the one of her laying in the yard looking over her "domain". I also have a Shadow, a black lab mix who is the best running partner EVER.