Friday, January 8, 2010

The ponies

My parents breed Arabian horses and have a few of them. There are also a couple of Quarter horses sharing the pastures, but they are owned by some friends.

Stetson, the big chestnut, is one of the Quarter horses. His girlfriend, next to him, is Maree. The darkest one is Marousa, and Annie is heading this way. She was orphaned when her mom rejected her (poor little orphan Annie) and she now thinks she's a human.

Horses have the most beautiful eyes. This is Stetson. He's the head dude in the pasture so he was always the closest, just in case there were any carrots involved.

Here's Annie!

Annie now sees Katie coming.

Dusty is a sweet little boy who loves to nuzzle everyone.

Katie petting Stetson and Maree. They were lovin the attention!

And my favorite is Harou. He isn't the prettiest horse on the farm, but he is the sweetest.


  1. I agree that horses have the most amazing eyes! Lucky you to get to nuzzle with all of them!

  2. I'm sure Katie is lovin' their attention too:)