Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fast Cacti

I bet you are wondering how cacti can be fast. They look fast, don't they?

They were seen speeding down Interstate 8 on the way to Tucson, Arizona.

Well, maybe it was us speeding down the highway on our way to Grandma's house.
You gotta be fast with the camera though. Find an interesting cactus up ahead, in this case a Sagauro, slow the shutter speed of your camera way down, and pan with the cactus as you go by. It works best if you have someone else drive. And take lots of shots as most will come out as blurry blobs.

But if you try hard enough, you will get some fun shots! Works with cool old houses too.
Hey, I gotta do something to keep myself entertained on that long ride!


  1. Glad you had someone else to drive or we would have missed those shots! Great work on the panning!

  2. Great shots. Gotta love those fast cacti. :~)