Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Feeding 2000+ people on board the ship isn't easy. That number goes closer to 5000 when the airwing comes aboard and they deploy. Can you imagine having to fix 5000 cinnamon rolls? YIKES! We ate breakfast in the main mess hall. I'll just say that if I was served this breakfast each day, I'd lose weight.
We had breakfast with these cute young Marines from Miramar. Their squadron was flying out to teh boat to do carrier qualifications as part of their training. These guys were here to fix the airplanes if any of them needed minor repairs.

Lunch was in teh Officer's Mess. It was a bit better than breakfast.

Dinner was yummy though. I was too hungry to get more pictures than this.

Then there was a trip to the bakery. These gals were so excited to meet us as they rarely get a group of just women coming through. In fact, we were running late so our tour guide was ging to skip this part, and had called them to let them know. After much protest, we were back on and the visit to the weapon's deck was cut short. We all decided that it was much more fun for us to see the desserts than the bombs anyway!

Plus, we got to sample the dessets too! They were de-lish!

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  1. I will be eating in the officer's mess. (Never thought I would see an almost entirely PINK breakfast?)

    Yay for the dessert tray!