Saturday, March 6, 2010

From the Captain's roost

The Captain of the ship can sit in his office and watch the flight ops on the deck. How would you like a window view like this from your office? Of course you would have to not see your family for at least 6 months at a time.
And yes, those wings do fold up like that. Makes storing and moving all those airplanes a little bit easier.
All is quiet with carrier qualifications over for the day. It will start up again at night.

Since no jets are screaming across the deck, it's time for a FOD walk.

FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage. Every available person walks the length of the deck looking for anything that can be sucked down a jet engine, as this can cause damage to the engines and may put lives in danger. Remember Captain Sullenburger landing his plane in the Hudson River? They are trying to avoid any planes in the Pacific.

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  1. Beautiful views from the ole office window! (Those skies are incredible!) What a great trip - I'm so glad you brought us along!