Friday, February 20, 2009

3 Guesses

What is this? You have 3 guesses...

Still not sure?

Yes, all of the pictures are of the same thing.

Need a hint? It's at one of the Disney parks in Orlando.

Does that help any?

How about now? It's a giant golf ball! OK, it's not. Did you know there is actually a ride inside the giant ball at Epcot? I didn't. It's called Spaceship Earth and depicts the history of mankind. It was Grandma-friendly, and the kids liked it too.

Another "did ya know?" is that you can ask to ride in the front of the Monorails. We did as often as possible.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE those shots of Epcot. I'll admit I didn't guess it in the first shot - but as soon as I saw #2 I knew. Those are beautiful photos- but I'm pretty partial to the one with the cute kids in it!

    PS: I like the photo tip of the day! Great addition!