Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disney, Disney and more Disney

More photos from our three days at Disney World. If I remember correctly, Disney World is 500 square miles big. No wonder I got some funny looks when I asked if the parks were within walking distance of each other, like out here in SoCal. There are 4 main parks and several smaller ones, a few of those being water parks. We stuck with the main ones although the kids did want to do the water slides. BRRRR... Florida is warm in the winter, but not that warm!

No one wanted to ride the flying Dumbos, so I took pictures of people I didn't know.

Disney's Hollywood Studios had more shows than rides, and the kids didn't want to see the shows. One of the rides was about shows, so we tricked them a little bit. Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!!! We did a few of the rides then headed over to Animal Kingdom.

Our first ride was through an animal preserve where we chased poachers through the African savannah. We didn't catch them, but still got to see a few African animals. The truck was very bumpy so most of my pictures were blurry.

I kinda liked this one with the flamingos anyway. It's Monet-ish.

We ran into the parade at Animal Kingdom, just as it was coming out of the jungle. Since we weren't in a huge crowd fighting to get to the front, we stayed to watch.

There were some colorful creatures emerging from the shadows...

Katie's favorite ride was at Animal Kingdom. It's called Everest Expidition. I don't think she would have ridden it if she knew what it did before we got on. It took us way up, then dropped us down a little before turning us around and shooting us backwards down Mount Everest. Do you know how HIGH Everest is? Well, that's how far we went backwards... I don't think I would have ridden it either, if I had only known. Oh well, I survived, and so did CJ and Katie. At least I won't have to ride it again ,unless we go back to Florida on the next Granny Trip. I would have liked to explore Animal Kingdom more. They closed at 5:00 though, so it was time to get back on our bus and head to the hotel. This sunset was taken through the bus window.

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  1. What a wonderful time I'm having visiting alongside you! Love the Dumbo and monet shots - good creativity. The balloon shot is marvelous - love that angle and the bright colors. That sunset is incredible too! Can't wait to see where we're going tomorrow!