Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change of Command

My hubby had to give up his squadron yesterday. It was a bittersweet day, as it's difficult leaving the guys you have come to know so well. But, it's being left in good hands.

The band played a bit.

The troops assembled.

The colors were flown.

The incoming CO and the outgoing CO stood at attention.

The Sargent Major handed the flag to the outgoing CO, who then passed it to the incoming CO, and he passed it back to the Sargent Major.

My hubby was given a new shiny medal to wear on his uniform, then it was over.

And the reason it was so short was the rain. These are usually held outside where the band can march and the troops can pass in review, but it was held inside the hangar to keep us all dry. It was still nice, rain and all.


  1. What a wonderful ceremony! It gives me goosebumps reading about it! Loved your pics especially the rainy band! Congrats to your hubby on a shiny new medal and 'new' future!

  2. I always thought this ceremony was a good one to watch. nice picturs