Monday, December 21, 2009

El Campo Santo Cemetery

The Holy Field was established in San Diego's Old Town in 1849.

Yankee Jim Robingson was hung at the site of the Whaley House and buried here, along with 476 other people.

In 1889 a horse-drawn streetcar line was built through part of the cemetery, and in 1942 it was paved over. As many as 18 graves are under the sidewalk and street.

Cars parked in the street in front of the cemetery, on top of some of the graves, are often hard to start. Car alarms are heard here too, set off by unseen hands.

Icy chills have been felt by people walking through the cemetery, as if walking through a freezing, unknown presence.

Misty, glowing figures have also been seen floating around the cemetery grounds and outside on the sidewalk.

Good thing we didn't experience any of these! Our kids would have been spooked!!

They were tasked with finding the graves of certain people buried there, and they found almost all of them.

Without the help of any ghost!

Maybe next time we go we will see a ghost!

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  1. Interesting facts about the graveyard - I didn't know some graves were under the street!