Friday, May 15, 2009

Boys and their moms

The night after the Father/Daughter Dance is the boys' turn to take their moms out. CJ took me out to eat at Islands with a couple other boys and moms before heading to the dance. But before we left, I got to take 3 pictures of CJ. He just doesn't like to pose like his sissy does. In fact, I asked him to give me some poses and he said "No Thanks". What a polite boy!

This is one of the three.

CJ and his two buddies.

Entertaining himself at Islands with straws and spitballs. I'm sure the girls didn't do this! Well, maybe the dads...

As soon as we got to the school for the dance, CJ went outside to find the dessert table. This year it was Animal Crackers and licorice sticks.

Then after eating all that sugar, it's time to run and throw balls. I did get one slow dance and half of the Hokey Pokey, so I'm not complaining at all! This is our last Mother/Son dance, unless we crash next years, since CJ will be in Middle School next year.

Thanks CJ! I had fun!

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  1. Sounds like he was a great date! Glad you had fun on your last dance -- interesting choice of refreshments! Love that first pic - perfect side lighting!