Monday, May 18, 2009

It's All About Katie!

Katie invited her girlfriends to "It's All About The Girl" to help her celebrate her birthday. What a fun place!

First they had their nails painted, after picking out their favorite color, of course!

Then it was make-up (just a little glitter on the cheeks and lips - they are still too young for much more than that!) and hair.

Isn't she the prettiest groovy-girl around?

Then they got to sing karaoke and make a bracelet to take home.

They were having so much fun singing along to their favorite songs that they didn't want to stop for pizza and cake. But in the end, the food won out.

Especially since we promised to let them sing one more song.

Then Katie got to finish up with saying thank you to all her friends. What a great day that was all about Katie!

Happy Birthday Princess!

1 comment:

  1. What a FUN looking party! I would have loved that when I was little (heck, I'd love it now! Well, except for the singing part...) ;P

    Beautiful shots - love the one in the glow of the candles!