Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's official

I've joined the ranks of groupies. My husband thinks he's lost his wife. My kids think their groupie Mom is pretty cool though! At least I wasn't alone in my quest for groupie status. I had my girlfriends with me.

Actually, I had friends all over the place. Do you see my good friend Pam in the crowd? She is on the other side of the car, wearing a red shirt and light blue hat, taking a picture. Can't wait to see that photo!!
American Idol sent the top three back to their hometowns today. How lucky are we to be a Hometown! And even luckier to be the hometown of Adam Lambert!

It's wasn't me speeding! Honest!!

The band played and the cheerleaders cheered.

After a trip around the stadium he sang "Black or White" and "Mad World".

We even had the stripper run onto the stage. She only got her shirt off before being tackled and lead away.

Then he took another lap around the stadium.

I think he was enjoying his trip back home.

What a fun day we all had! Oh, and come back tomorrow for more pictures of my favorite American Idol!

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  1. Great little write-up and fun pics that really captured the moment! (I feel famous being captured on your blog like that -- and I think the picture I was taking that very moment is on my blog today....hee hee!)