Friday, May 29, 2009

Disney again

Are you ready to continue with our visit to Disneyland? Me too. There's the Matterhorn!

There is more to the park than rides too. Katie and I stopped to listen to a Fire Brigade play some tunes.

We also looked for Hidden Mickeys. They are little mouse ears that are placed all over the park for you to find. We must have walked over this one a hundred times before spotting it.

There it is.

Can you guess what this marker is for?

It marks the geographic center of Walt Disney's original park. It's also a virtual geocache listed on

OK, back to the rides and a quick trip over to California Adventure.

CJ finally got to go on California Screamin'! He liked it, but still prefers Space Mountain.

Looks like you could walk all the way to Hollywood!

Dinner time. Shall we have the Catch of the Day? Oh wait, the kids are going to get awfully smelly playing in that pile of fish.

Well, that sure was a fun day! Thanks for coming with us! Let's ride this Monorail off into the sunset.

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  1. Fun, fun trip! Great shots - I love that twilight monorail and the fishy kids are adorable - I'm so glad you brought us along!