Thursday, July 9, 2009


In 1880, a group of San Diegans organized an agricultural fair to bring county farmers together to share ideas, see who had the best citrus fruit, who baked the best pie, and who had the fastest horse. After that first fair, the county fair was held annually with a few exceptions in various county locations until 1936, when it moved to its present Del Mar home.

Showing livestock is still a big part of the fair.

We found all kinds of critters there.

This is the strangest looking bunny I've ever seen!

We even saw Guinea Pigs. Isn't that the cutest face?

Katie got to pet a steer.

The only animal we didn't see many of were horses, although I did manage to find a few. This one was giving pony rides. Katie decided to skip the ponies though.

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  1. Cute animals and CUTE photos! (I thought that furry bunny was a llama until I read your caption!)