Sunday, July 12, 2009

You want fries with that?

How about a Zucchini Weeni? It's on a stick! We saw hot dogs and pizza on sticks too.

No, that doesn't sound too good? OK, how about fried avocado? It isn't on a stick though.

OK, maybe some freshly fried potato chips.

We also could have tried fried Snickers, smores, and frog legs. I heard someone was offering chocolate coveres dill pickles too, but we never did see that.

If you want something grilled instead of fried, there were turkey legs.

For dessert Katie had a mountain of bananas covered in caramel and nuts. It was tasty!

CJ had a pineapple on a stick. It was good too, and not fried!

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  1. I was sooooooooo looking forward to the food at the fair! (I'm ALL about the cinnamon rolls and the cup of carmel apple pieces!) Since I didn't get to go, you at least gave me a hint of the taste. Great shots.