Thursday, July 30, 2009

Possum Kingdom Lake

My brother Brad invited us out to his lakehouse at Possum Kingdom Lake, which is in the foothills of the Palo Pinto mountains less than 75 miles west of Fort Worth. Possum Kingdom is The Great Lake of Texas, with more than 18,000 acres of crystal clear water, a Texas oasis surrounded by beautiful cliffs and rolling hillsides.

And a fun place to go cool off in the water on a hot day!

This lake house belonged to my grandfather. Pawpaw would spend lots of time out here gardening and just hanging out. He loved this place. When he passed on, my brother bought it.

A red-winged blackbird wanting some food.

Going for a walk on the dock.
Randi, friend from high school, and her family came out with us. Her son Cristian loved playing with Katie

They both enjoyed kicking the soccer ball around.

Brad's little dog wanted in on the fun too!

The kids are ready to get wet! Is your suit on too?


  1. Looks so cool and refreshing! (But if the water is less than 100 degrees it would be too cold for me!) Great pics!

  2. When the air is 108 degrees, cool water feels great!