Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My dh's favorite thing. The rest of us just went along for the ride. After going through the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit we walked around the Aerospace Museum and learned all sorts of stuff about airplanes that I never knew, and have already forgotten.

This is a flying replica of the plane Charles Lindberg flew across the Atlantic. Did you know that he couldn't see out the front when the plane taxied? He had to look out the side windows. OK, maybe I didn't forget it all.

I can't remember what Katie is sitting in, but it is an actual plane that really can fly if it wasn't sitting in the museum.

CJ is in (or rather on) the small version of the big plane behid him. It's a GeeBee and according to Jeff, very fast but very unstable and hard to fly.

A Flying Tiger. I think it's a P-51 Mustang.
There were even some aircraft from space on exhibit, including the Apollo 9 capsule. I didn't know we had one of those in San Diego. It looked like it had been to outer space and back several times with all the wear on it. Katie even found the little cage that the Chimpanzees rode in before we sent humans into space. I felt like we were in Florida again!

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  1. What a fun day! You are lucky your hubby will do stuff like that with you! Love that shot of the snarling plane - great!