Saturday, March 14, 2009

Perpetual motion

Let me introduce you to Chip, a Toy Fox Terrier. He's the newest member of our family, having been with us since August. He was found as a stray, skinny and with an injured foot, and taken to the shelter where they nursed him back to health. Chihuahua Rescue bailed him out, even though he isn't a Chihuahua, and had him at an adoption event at Petco. We were there picking up Guinea Pig food, and took him home with us. Isn't he the cutest thing around?

He is either moving around at about 90 miles per hour or he is sleeping under a blanket somewhere. What a funny little guy he is. He also needs daily walks, so that it where I'm heading now. C'mon Chip!

1 comment:

  1. adorable photos of an adorable doggy! Love that first one with such perfect lighting on his profile!