Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday morning ritual

Every Saturday morning Katie and I go to our favorite Farmer's Market, the one in Poway by Old Poway Park, for some breakfast and the freshest produce around. It is a true Farmer's Market, with produce and food, and no crafts. So I don't have a battle with Katie over the latest handmade dolls or toys being sold. And the produce is local and organic. Can't get any fresher than that.

Our first stop is La Creperie for breakfast. At least for Kaite and CJ. They are not quite in my diet plan. These crepes are heavenly. Katie gets the Green Gobbler, usually without avocado, which really makes it just a Gobbler. Today she tried it with a little bit of avocado and said it was even better than before. CJ gets one with strawberries. I go to another booth and get Shrimp Ceviche with a little bit of hot sauce for Jeff and I. YUMMY.....

Then we shop. It's hard to not buy every kind of fruit and veggie there. And then there is also the homemade bread, and olive oils, and fresh squeezed orange juice, which Katie also gets, and all flavors of hummus, and fresh roasted chile peppers and the list just goes on!

Katie's favorite booth, other than the crepes, is Trethowan Organic Farm, who has pears that the kids are addicted to. We get a bag full and they are gone by the middle of the week.
They also have all kinds of other produce, and some I've never seen before.

This is a Cherimoya, which tastes kinda like vanilla custard with a hint of coconut. It's de-lish!

So then we race home where I have to have at least one bite of everything I just bought...

Bon Appetit!

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  1. OH YUM! What beautiful shots of what must have been a beautiful morning! I am really going to have to get up there and try one of those crepes! And do you know I've never had a cherimoya?

    We used to go there regularly to buy the cinnamon sugar almonds, but somehow we got out of the loop!