Sunday, March 1, 2009

Handyman for hire

We are in the process of replacing our appliances. Wish we could do the whole kitchen... After taking too long to figure out what to buy, three out of the four new appliances were delivered last week. You know, during that 4 hour time period they give you to sit around and wait for them. So, my dh is a handy person and wants to try installing them himself. The microwave went in fine. The oven is part of the way in, but he needed to go to Home Depot for something. So, he decides to get the dishwasher in before going to Home Depot. While lying on the floor doing something to the dishwasher, the dog decides to help out. Let me know if you would like an assistant handyman. He's real cute, and doesn't get in the way...much...

1 comment:

  1. How much does this handyman charge? I see some sittin down on the job, but he does look alert like he knows what's goin on!

    SO adorable! I think you guys are lucky to have him! (Almost as lucky as he is to have YOU!)