Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big boys at play

A couple of weeks ago the Miramar Officers Wives Club hosted A Knights Tournament, put on by the ladies of the three Knights squadrons on base - the White Knights, the Black Knights and the Green Knights. Marines competed in three events to win the top prize of a $300 bar credit at the Officer's Club, and braggin' rights of course. Not a bad prize, huh?

Ready, set, joust!!
This was the most fun to watch as they really tried to knock each other off their horse.
The Marines really got into the Arm Wrestling contest. Look at that concentration!

Then there was the Pit o' Doom, and I think the guys enjoyed this one the most. It's an inflatable "King of the Mountain" with big sticks. Now what Marine wouldn't like the opportunity to knock another Marine off the mountain?

In the end, the White Knights had the most points,

but the real winners were the ladies of the OWC, who put this on as a fund raiser, and the spouses and kids of Marines at Miramar who receive scholarships for college with this money, like this little guy in a few years.

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  1. What a fun event! Love the photos you took of it - you can really FEEL the fun and excitement! That little guy is precious!