Sunday, April 19, 2009

At the golf course

Most of the photos I took were of golfers, but I managed to find other things to shoot too.
This red-tailed hawk was perched on this branch on the other side of the fairway from where I was. I didn't realize that there was also a humming bird there until I downloaded the picture. I wonder if the humming bird was saying to the hawk "You can't catch me!", or if it was thinking "OH S%$T!!"

An egret flew over my head to land in this pond to fish. I thought it was a very brave bird as the golfers were hitting over the pond to get to the green. And most of them aren't very good golfers. So that must mean I was very brave too!

We also had some future scholarship winners among us just waiting for the chance to apply!

Isn't he cute!?!

He was quite a ham too and posed for a few shots. Wish they were all this easy!

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  1. Adorable shots of the little guy - love those poses and your lighting is perfect! Those bird shots are great - that egret is just beautiful!