Monday, April 20, 2009

My Birthday Present

Today is my Birthday. I'm 29, again.
For my birthday I wanted something that the whole family can enjoy. We like hiking, well, three of us like hiking, so I thought that we could get into Geocaching. My good friend Pam introduced me to Geocaching last year and I loved it. She has blogged about it before on her blog Savoring the Sweet Life, just in case you want to see more.
OK, back to my birthday. I asked for a GPS so we can find little treasures.
Here is my new Birthday present. We are heading to a cache called Old Smokey.
Can you guess what Old Smokey is?

It's all that is left of someone's home. I wondered who might have lived there and how long ago they left this house.

The kids found a loose stone and looked behind it.

Good job Katie! This cache was too small to hide any treasures, but we did log our visit with the pencil and paper we did find.


  1. Happy 29th Birthday Lisa!!!! YAY!!!

    So glad you have joined the ranks of us geocachers - there are lots of fun times ahead! (Love that shot of Katie with the treasure!) Hope you are being treated like a queen today!

  2. Lisa....

    Happy Birthday!! Great birthday gift too!! I know you'll love hunting down those treasures and photographing each trip.

    Great photo's and Thanks for sharing!!