Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birds at the Wild Animal Park

No pictures of flamingos this time, but I did manage to find another favorite feathered subject - a pelican. The Wild Animal Park does have flamingos, but they aren't as pink as the ones at the zoo, and the kids were getting tired and hungry so we walked on by them.

A white pelican.

Next time I will take a photo of the signs with the bird's info so I will remember what they are. Since I didn't this one I'll call a pompom bird.

This one was being held by its keeper and she said what it is, but like with anyone's name, I had forgotten it in no time. It was something like a frog-face.

I actually do remember this one, only because they have their own aviary and I've been in there a few times. It's a Lorikeet.

Two snowy egrets for the price of one.

This is a mallard, but you will have to take my word for it.
A duck of some sort. If it isn't a mallard I call it a duck.

Thanks to Audrey over at SplitcoastStampers for identifying this as a Black-Crowned Night Heron. He saw me taking pictures of the ducks and flew over to pose. He was so pretty, and loved posing for me.

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  1. Great bird shots - ! Love the light in the headfeathers of that crane? Really good action shots too.