Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's Go Band!

My son's 5th grade band played in a concert tonight with three other schools. They did so good, I wish I had recorded it. But, I can only have one camera in my hands at a time, and I also had a girl on my lap, so all I could do was snap a few and enjoy the music.
Even though these kids have been playing since the first of the school year, this was only the 2nd time they had all played together.
That's my boy. He plays the trombone.
I sat in front of the clarinetes, so there are a couple photos of those.

Can't you just hear them playing?

Even with the budget problems, 5th grade will still have band next year. YAY!

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  1. YAY For CJ and that wonderful band! Your pictures are terrific and I can hear them playing! So glad to hear that 5th grade band will still be around next year! (BTW: You did a great job capturing CJ -- why do our boys always have to be in the back of the band? Why can't the flutes and clarinets get crammed in the back? I think brass should get top billing!! ;-)