Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rusty Hunk

No, this isn't the Rusty Hunk, although he is a hunk. Especially after carrying the dog for much of the hike. Glad we brought the 6 pound dog instead of the 50 pound one! The ground was too hot for the little guy's feet. He really was a hot dog!

We continued up the hill to find a geocache called RS Rusty Hunk. We're close!

Katie found it! It's an old car of some sort, abandoned along an old jeep trail that now looks impassable by anything with wheels.

Do you see the cache?

Katie is pointing to it. It's a magnetic Altoid tin. Inside was the log and a pencil, along with a Geocoin. They have a number you can register on Geocaching.com to track where all it goes. We took it and will plant it in another geocache somewhere else.
Katie is modeling the geocoin for you. She could be the next Vanna White!


  1. Honestly - she SHOULD be on TV!! So adorable and love those little poses! I'd say that judging from picture #2 she's the world's most enthusiastic geocacher!

  2. Lisa...

    This geocaching looks like its lots of fun, and gets you out of the house enjoying the outdoors.

    Katie is so cute, she has my vote over Vanna hands down!!....hehe!!

    Thanks for sharing!!