Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making a Living

Or at least supplementing the paycheck from the weekly job. On a recent trip to Balboa Park I found these people entertaining us, and hoping to make a buck or two in the process.

Not sure if I would have my palm read. I don't want to know my future, or what someone makes up about my future.

This guy was a very entertaining magician, and did some really cool tricks. I did give him a couple dollars as he was good.

This Sax player is a regular at Balboa Park. I see him just about every tme I go. He's pretty good too.

Then there were the brides. I saw four in the few hours I was there. Three were having their photos taken, and one was actually getting married.

They already had photographers, or I would have volunteered. Not quite ready or willing to take that on though!

1 comment:

  1. I can tell your future without looking at your palm and I won't charge you either....a long happy life with two adorable children and a fantastic hubby and a successful photography career!